Sage Accounts Software

Sage Accounts Software

Sage One Cash Book and Sage One Accounts are the entry level accounts programmes from Sage. They are suitable for sole-traders, micro-businesses and start-ups.

Sage Instant Accounts and Sage Instant Accounts are perfect for small businesses, and provide all the basic functions you will need to produce invoices, manage suppliers and produce VAT returns.

Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts Plus and Sage 50 Accounts Professional are the market-leaders in Accounts software ideal for small established companies to help you manage cash-flow, manage customers and suppliers as well as raise invoices and make payments for suppliers.

As your company grows it is possible to upgrade from Sage 50 Accounts to the other Sage 50 products that provide additional functionality such as Project Costing, Stock Control and Quotations.

Sage One CashbookSage One

Sage One Cashbook is designed specifically for Sole Traders, Start-Up Companies and Micro-Businesses, especially those who are not VAT Registered. It is web-based which means you can access it from anywhere that has internet connection, and so can your accountant/book-keeper. They do all the adjustments and you just manage the cash in/cash out.

As your business grows and you become VAT Registered and take on bigger contracts then you can easily upgrade to Sage One Accounts. Sage One Accounts still follows the straightforward format of Sage Cash One, but with more information available to you to help you grow your business. You can produce your own VAT return and submit it online. Also, you can create your own invoices and start building your brand!

Your book-keeper or accountant can also access your Sage One Accounts via the internet, check your work, make adjustments, and help you produce real time profit reports.

If you employ people then Sage One can integrate with Sage One Payroll
For more information on Sage One Payroll click here.

Sage 50Sage 50

The Sage 50 suite of products is suitable for small and medium sized businesses (up to 250 employees) who want more sophistication from their accounts software.  

Entry level Sage 50 can easily be upgraded to Sage 50 Plus or Sage 50 Professional which have added features to manage stock and projects.

If you employ people then Sage 50 can integrate with Sage 50 Payroll RTI

For more information on Sage 50 Payroll RTI click here.

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